When more than 50% of users say they edit their pictures before putting them on social media (Harris Interactive, January 2014), and when 8 out of 10 women edit their snaps before uploading them to social media so only their slimmest angles are shared, Dagobert has imagined a new campaign to the North US market, based on a viral video, teh redesign of teh svetol website and the social strategy of the brand.


The offbeat video shows a well-endowed woman desperately trying to remove her unsightly bumps with the famous retouching tools. The video invites to good resolutions and sends a clear message: body retouching is an illusion, losing weight becomes a natural reality with Svetol® !

To support the video, the Parisian digital agency imagined a website which could be the perfect showcase of brand’s positioning and image online. Illustrated, social, and user friendly, the website invites to discover Svetol®’’s universe in an animated and didactic way, while reserving a strategic place for social media.


  • Design
    & UX
  • Contents
  • Social media
    & relationship marketing
  • Studies & benchmarks,
  • Strategic planning,
  • Digital planning,
  • Social Media & relationship marketing,
  • Digitalisation strategy & retail implementation,
  • Contents strategy,
  • Conception & ergonomy,
  • Digital ecosystem,
  • Brand architecture,
  • Web design,
  • Interfaces creation,
  • Motion design,
  • Print Creation,
  • Infography,
  • Contents,
  • Technical development,
  • Mobile strategy,
  • Display & banners,
  • SEO - SEA,
  • Community management,
  • Content management,
  • Monitoring & trends,
  • Prototypes

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